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Network down

As you probably noticed, Titan’s internet connection has been down for almost the entire weekend. After a powerfailure this Saturday some of my ISP’s equipment died, and since they don’t work on weekends we had to wait until today to … Continue reading

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There was a poweroutage at 04.01AM this morning, it was long enough to force the server to shut down after the UPS ran out of power. When I woke up I used this opportunity to put some more RAM into … Continue reading

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Blinkenshell Paid Service

I’ve been thinking of setting up another server for Blinkenshell to host paid accounts. This would be a more professional server, hosted in a dedicated datacenter with redundant Internet connections, 10/100Mbit/s, UPS, backup diesel power generators and so on. I’m … Continue reading

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Linux Local Root Exploit

There was news about a Local Root Exploit for Linux 2.6 on Slashdot yesterday. It’s pretty serious, and it affects most of the recent 2.6 kernels from what I can gather, up to kernel which is patched against this … Continue reading

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DOS Attack

Blinkenshell was once again target for a DOS attack, this time I had to change IP because the attacker was a bit persistant. DNS records are updated to the new IP, and should not be in any caches anymore. However, … Continue reading

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