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Replacing software RAID1 boot drives with UEFI

I replaced both of the drives in my RAID1 boot array on a Ubuntu server yesterday and had some struggles so I thought I would write down my experience both for my future self and any others who needs to … Continue reading

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CPU Time Limits

Blinkenshell has for a long time employed CPU time limits via ulimit. The limit is currently set so that no process can use more than 60 minutes of CPU time, or it will be killed. This is ofcourse to stop … Continue reading

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Kernel upgrade

The kernel upgrade earlier today worked out pretty well, better than expected I have to say. So far things seems to be working very well. Bitlbeed now listens on (titan) instead of which was not really planned, and … Continue reading

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Linux Local Root Exploit

There was news about a Local Root Exploit for Linux 2.6 on Slashdot yesterday. It’s pretty serious, and it affects most of the recent 2.6 kernels from what I can gather, up to kernel which is patched against this … Continue reading

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Snoopy, system reboot

Today I was trying to update a program called snoopy logger, which is a program to log all executed commands on a system. It does this by wrapping the function execve(), and it get’s called every time a program is … Continue reading

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