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Replacing software RAID1 boot drives with UEFI

I replaced both of the drives in my RAID1 boot array on a Ubuntu server yesterday and had some struggles so I thought I would write down my experience both for my future self and any others who needs to … Continue reading

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December updates, infra and vouching

I haven’t been posting in a while so I thought it was time to write about some small little things I’ve been working in the last week or so. When I haven’t logged in to some servers for a while … Continue reading

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IRC communities migrating to Libera.Chat

A lot of worrying news about the Freenode IRC network has been unfolding during the last week, and events today seem to have pushed a lot of big communities like Ubuntu and Gentoo to move from Freenode to other IRC … Continue reading

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Server overview 2021

I haven’t really talked about the backend infrastructure for Blinkenshell in a long time, so I thought I would give an update on the servers/VMs that are currently running as of now. Most people probably think it’s just a shell … Continue reading

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KVM storage live migration

One of the features I’ve been most excited about with this new server setup is KVM live migration using virsh migrate with copy-storage-all. This is like a regular VM live migration, but you can do it even if you don’t … Continue reading

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Fail2ban routing actions

I said I should be doing some more technical posts so here we go! Blinkenshell runs the SSH server on a non-standard port (mainly port 2222, but also port 443 for people trying to avoid some firewalls), and the reason … Continue reading

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New server up and running

I’m happy to report that the big maintenance window yesterday was successful and we are now running live on the new server hardware! I’ve spent a lot of time earlier this week doing final preparations and planning the exact steps … Continue reading

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Server updates 2021

Some of you might have caught a teaser picture I pasted on IRC a couple of weeks back of some server internals. This is actually what’s going to become the new main server for Blinkenshell in 2021! The current server … Continue reading

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HTTPS for User Websites

User websites has been a part of Blinkenshell since the very early days, and the format has stayed pretty much the same. However, the web has evolved a lot and nowadays many visitors expect HTTPS by default. Because of this … Continue reading

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