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New IRC server

Blinkenshell now has it’s own IRC server linked to our home IRC network Allshells. This server is on the same network as the shell server, so it’s much closer than to use overload’s server in the US. If you are … Continue reading

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irssi 0.8.12

irssi is now upgraded from 0.8.12-rc1 to 0.8.12, you can read the full changelog here. I didn’t notice any real new features in this version, it seems to be most bug fixes. If you want to upgrade to the new … Continue reading

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Gmail, SPF

For a long time activation emails sent to Gmails users have been marked as spam. I thought it was because there is a link in it, and before I was using the word “congratulations” which is probably not very popular … Continue reading

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Blinkenshell Planet

Today I set up Blinkenshell Planet. It’s using a software called just Planet, what it basically does is take multiple feeds (like RSS or Atom feeds) and aggregate them in to one “big blog”. All the latest posts from the … Continue reading

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The IRC network Blinkenshell is using has finally got it’s own name: Allshells! Since Systemshells disappeared half a year or so ago, we haven’t really had a name, only the address: Yesterday overload bought the name, and the … Continue reading

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Snoopy, system reboot

Today I was trying to update a program called snoopy logger, which is a program to log all executed commands on a system. It does this by wrapping the function execve(), and it get’s called every time a program is … Continue reading

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