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Proxy scan

Blinkenshells IRCd now scans all connecting clients for open proxies using BOPM. This is to prevent abuse from users connecting via proxys and thereby evading bans etc. If you’re noticing some strangs messages in your firewall log or similar when … Continue reading

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Linux Local Root Exploit

There was news about a Local Root Exploit for Linux 2.6 on Slashdot yesterday. It’s pretty serious, and it affects most of the recent 2.6 kernels from what I can gather, up to kernel which is patched against this … Continue reading

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Ident DDoS

You may have noticed that the shell server was a bit slow last night, this is because someone launched a DDoS attack on the server, more specifically the ident daemon. The network was down or very slow between 03-04, but … Continue reading

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Blinkenshell now makes daily backups of your files that you store on the server, for more information please read: Info/Backup on the wiki. There are some exceptions of files that won’t get backed up, like temp files (tmp/ in your … Continue reading

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