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IPv6 Day

Today is the World IPv6 Day, when many parts of the Internet community will try out IPv6 on a larger scale. A lot of websites will be publishing AAAA (IPv6) DNS records for their main addresses, so users with IPv6 … Continue reading

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New IP

This morning our ISP decided to change us to a new IP-range without any prior warning. Since we’re using a static IP, everything broke ofcourse (other customers in the same network use DHCP so they probably only had a very … Continue reading

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Procrastination (Playing with Google Maps)

So, exams tomorrow… I really need to study. But I found something else much more fun than studying! 🙂 Yesterday franki^ mentioned it would be cool with a map with the locations of Blinkenshell users. I played around with the … Continue reading

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Downtime 17 Feb (updated)

The server was unreachable for 3 hours between 19 and 22 CET this evening. A short disruption in the power (less than a second) seems to have caused the modem to bug out. A restart helped and we’re now finally … Continue reading

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Kernel upgrade

The kernel upgrade earlier today worked out pretty well, better than expected I have to say. So far things seems to be working very well. Bitlbeed now listens on (titan) instead of which was not really planned, and … Continue reading

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Network down

As you probably noticed, Titan’s internet connection has been down for almost the entire weekend. After a powerfailure this Saturday some of my ISP’s equipment died, and since they don’t work on weekends we had to wait until today to … Continue reading

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DOS Attack

Blinkenshell was once again target for a DOS attack, this time I had to change IP because the attacker was a bit persistant. DNS records are updated to the new IP, and should not be in any caches anymore. However, … Continue reading

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Ident DDoS

You may have noticed that the shell server was a bit slow last night, this is because someone launched a DDoS attack on the server, more specifically the ident daemon. The network was down or very slow between 03-04, but … Continue reading

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