HTTPS for User Websites

User websites has been a part of Blinkenshell since the very early days, and the format has stayed pretty much the same. However, the web has evolved a lot and nowadays many visitors expect HTTPS by default. Because of this I’ve setup a Let’s Encrypt wildcard certificate for * and I hope to migrate over user websites there.

For now, any new users signing up will automatically get the new domain name <username> and HTTPS. Existing accounts still keep their <username> and no HTTPS for the time being, but contact me if you want to migrate over to the new domain name and HTTPS. I can also set up a redirect from the old domain name so external links will not break when making the move.

On another note, Blinkenshell is still running PHP 5.x but will have to migrate over to PHP 7.x very shortly so if you have some old code running make sure it’s compatible as soon as possible!

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  1. SluvE says:

    Thank you, indy, for your continuing maintenance. 🙂

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