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Pallas and SSL Update

I’m going to remove the Pallas SSH server since it’s not used very much, only a couple of users are logging in. I guess this means people are not bothered very much by any delays to Sweden. It was nice … Continue reading

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Snapshots and Wiki updates

I’ve enabled a feature of ZFS called snapshots for all supporter accounts. This allows for you to recover deleted or changed files from the last 7 days. More details on the Wiki. I’ve also updated many other pages on the … Continue reading

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Procrastination (Playing with Google Maps)

So, exams tomorrow… I really need to study. But I found something else much more fun than studying! 🙂 Yesterday franki^ mentioned it would be cool with a map with the locations of Blinkenshell users. I played around with the … Continue reading

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Wiki – Userpages

I made a little script that extracts some info from the signup database and imports it into userpages on the wiki, so now almost everyone has a userpage on the wiki. Also, it’s possible to log in to the wiki … Continue reading

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WordPress 2.5 on Blinkenshell

Users have reported some problems upgrading WordPress from 2.4 -> 2.5 on Blinkenshell. The problem seems to be that the upgrade script requires a lot of memory, more than the limit at Blinkenshell. Normally you can change this in your … Continue reading

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Misc stuff

The translation work on the wiki has been going pretty well. The frontpage is now available in English, Swedish, German, French and Serbian. Thanks for helping out everyone! We could ofcourse do with even more translations 😉 Secondly, I bought … Continue reading

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I’ve been working a bit on the website the last couple of days, trying to optimize the response times and changing some out of date information and so on. I do need some help traslating the page into different languages … Continue reading

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Blinkenshell Planet

Today I set up Blinkenshell Planet. It’s using a software called just Planet, what it basically does is take multiple feeds (like RSS or Atom feeds) and aggregate them in to one “big blog”. All the latest posts from the … Continue reading

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