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If you’ve been having problems compiling programs on Triton you’ll be glad to know that there is now a new server where you can compile things with more relaxed resource/memory limits. The idea is that you can use much more … Continue reading

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Mosh – Mobile Shell

If you’re a mobile SSH user, you might want to take a look at Mosh You can run mosh on Blinkenshell only if you have a supporter account (since it requires an open UDP port).

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Maintenance done

The server maintenance is now done. It was delayed a bit, and also took a bit longer to complete than I expected. But Triton is up since about 15.00 CET. Mail and web was up about half an hour earlier. … Continue reading

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Server maintanance

As you might have noticed there was some issues with the server yesterday. The website was down most of the day, and some people had problems logging in via SSH. This was related to an issue with the fileserver. There … Continue reading

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Working on the new server

I’m currently working on installing software on the new server. I’ve got the virtualization software installedĀ  and a couple of VMs running now. The setup is based on VMware ESXi booting off a USB-stick. I’ve then allocated almost all space … Continue reading

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Kernel upgrade

The kernel upgrade earlier today worked out pretty well, better than expected I have to say. So far things seems to be working very well. Bitlbeed now listens on (titan) instead of which was not really planned, and … Continue reading

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WordPress 2.5 on Blinkenshell

Users have reported some problems upgrading WordPress from 2.4 -> 2.5 on Blinkenshell. The problem seems to be that the upgrade script requires a lot of memory, more than the limit at Blinkenshell. Normally you can change this in your … Continue reading

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I’ve installed a new text-based IRC client called weechat (version 0.2.6) on Blinkenshell. It’s a bit similar to irssi from what I’ve heard, but supports a couple of cool new features such as horizontal split of windows (which allows for … Continue reading

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irssi 0.8.12

irssi is now upgraded from 0.8.12-rc1 to 0.8.12, you can read the full changelog here. I didn’t notice any real new features in this version, it seems to be most bug fixes. If you want to upgrade to the new … Continue reading

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Snoopy, system reboot

Today I was trying to update a program called snoopy logger, which is a program to log all executed commands on a system. It does this by wrapping the function execve(), and it get’s called every time a program is … Continue reading

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