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If you’ve been having problems compiling programs on Triton you’ll be glad to know that there is now a new server where you can compile things with more relaxed resource/memory limits. The idea is that you can use much more … Continue reading

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Pallas and SSL Update

I’m going to remove the Pallas SSH server since it’s not used very much, only a couple of users are logging in. I guess this means people are not bothered very much by any delays to Sweden. It was nice … Continue reading

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Snapshots and Wiki updates

I’ve enabled a feature of ZFS called snapshots for all supporter accounts. This allows for you to recover deleted or changed files from the last 7 days. More details on the Wiki. I’ve also updated many other pages on the … Continue reading

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US SSH Server (beta)

There is now another SSH server connected to Blinkenshell, using the same account/password database: The new server is located in California, USA. The idea is that users in the America/Australia will have lower latency to the server which should … Continue reading

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Supporter Account

When the server migration was done a couple of days back I wrote about a new type of “Supporter” account that would be introduced, and today I’m announcing that offer. It will be a new type of account with more … Continue reading

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Blinkenshell Paid Service

I’ve been thinking of setting up another server for Blinkenshell to host paid accounts. This would be a more professional server, hosted in a dedicated datacenter with redundant Internet connections, 10/100Mbit/s, UPS, backup diesel power generators and so on. I’m … Continue reading

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