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IRC communities migrating to Libera.Chat

A lot of worrying news about the Freenode IRC network has been unfolding during the last week, and events today seem to have pushed a lot of big communities like Ubuntu and Gentoo to move from Freenode to other IRC … Continue reading

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Proxy scan

Blinkenshells IRCd now scans all connecting clients for open proxies using BOPM. This is to prevent abuse from users connecting via proxys and thereby evading bans etc. If you’re noticing some strangs messages in your firewall log or similar when … Continue reading

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DOS Attack

Blinkenshell was once again target for a DOS attack, this time I had to change IP because the attacker was a bit persistant. DNS records are updated to the new IP, and should not be in any caches anymore. However, … Continue reading

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I’ve installed a new text-based IRC client called weechat (version 0.2.6) on Blinkenshell. It’s a bit similar to irssi from what I’ve heard, but supports a couple of cool new features such as horizontal split of windows (which allows for … Continue reading

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New IRC server

Blinkenshell now has it’s own IRC server linked to our home IRC network Allshells. This server is on the same network as the shell server, so it’s much closer than to use overload’s server in the US. If you are … Continue reading

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irssi 0.8.12

irssi is now upgraded from 0.8.12-rc1 to 0.8.12, you can read the full changelog here. I didn’t notice any real new features in this version, it seems to be most bug fixes. If you want to upgrade to the new … Continue reading

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The IRC network Blinkenshell is using has finally got it’s own name: Allshells! Since Systemshells disappeared half a year or so ago, we haven’t really had a name, only the address: Yesterday overload bought the name, and the … Continue reading

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