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Unplanned reboot of Triton

The main SSH server Triton rebooted today at about 14.15 CET. The server got a kernel panic after I reloaded the grsec policy. I’ve probably reloaded the grsec policy hundreds of times before, so I’m guessing this bug is pretty … Continue reading

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Supporter Account

When the server migration was done a couple of days back I wrote about a new type of “Supporter” account that would be introduced, and today I’m announcing that offer. It will be a new type of account with more … Continue reading

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Blinkenshell 4 years

Today it’s 4 years since the domain name was registered and this project really started to take form. I tried to get the server migration done before today, and it is almost done. I’ve been working on migrating signup … Continue reading

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Migration progress

Ok, so all user accounts was migrated yesterday. There was some problems with the temporary passwords for some users. If your temp password does not work, contact me on IRC or via email and I’ll generate a new one. There … Continue reading

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New server

The server migration is taking a bit longer than expected, but I hope it’s going to get done tonight. While the scripts are doing their work I’m going to write a bit about the changes that will be introduced with … Continue reading

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Server migration

Today at 18.00 CET I’m going to attempt to migrate Blinkenshell to the new server that I’ve been working on. At 18.00, all processes will be killed and all logins will be disabled. Please exit all your running processes (screens … Continue reading

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