Blinkenshell Planet

Today I set up Blinkenshell Planet. It’s using a software called just Planet, what it basically does is take multiple feeds (like RSS or Atom feeds) and aggregate them in to one “big blog”. All the latest posts from the different blogs will be displayed on the planet index page.

Right now, I’m the only one on this planet, but the idea is that more people can join in and have their blogs aggregated in to this one. Your blog doesn’t have to be about Blinkenshell or shell services, just blogs about anything from Blinkenshell members wolud be interresting in my opinion. If you want to have your blog included please contact me. If you don’t already have a blog, you can set one up on Blinkenshell! 🙂

I’m also starting up my own blog at the same time. My blog is mostly about Blinkenshell, a way for me to tell about new features or changes that I’m making to the system or decicions that I make regarding to the service. The wiki is not really suited for posting news etc, so I’m going to write about stuff like this on here instead.

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