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For a long time activation emails sent to Gmails users have been marked as spam. I thought it was because there is a link in it, and before I was using the word “congratulations” which is probably not very popular by spam filtering software. Now I think I’ve finally figured out the real reason, yay!

I’m using SPF on Blinkenshell’s DNS to stop spam with from addresses using, what this does is make sure that only specific hosts can send emails using as the domain in the from address. The problem was, in the DNS editing software I had just entered a SPF record like this:

v=spf1 a mx -all

This worked for me last time I used SPF, but this software was different. When I checked the SPF record today I noticed I got a reply looking like this:

"v=spf1" "a" "mx" "-all"

Some SPF checking software doesn’t like this, because they expect it to be in one string, like this:

"v=spf1 a mx -all"

So I enclosed the string in quotes in the DNS software and now it seems to work much better, gmail doesn’t mark the email as spam even though there is a link in it!

Hopefully this will help a lot, cause many of our users seem to use Gmail and often has often got lost in the past. From now on, I hope that these emails will get through properly! Yay 🙂

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