Proxy scan

Blinkenshells IRCd now scans all connecting clients for open proxies using BOPM. This is to prevent abuse from users connecting via proxys and thereby evading bans etc.

If you’re noticing some strangs messages in your firewall log or similar when connecting to our server, it might be due to BOPM checking for open proxies on your machine.

You can stop reading here if you’re not interested in running BOPM yourself.

If someone else out there is trying to use BOPM and UnrealIRCD (recent version, like 3.2+), I might be able to save you some pain by giving you this regexp to use in the bopm.conf:

connregex = "\\*\\*\\* Notice -- Client connecting: ([^ ]+) \\(([^@]+)@([^\\)]+)\\) \\[([0-9\\.]+)\\].*";

The regexp given in BOPMs config and the one in their FAQ is not working, I found this one in some forum and modified it a bit for UnrealIRCD and finally got it working.

I got this strange message while trying to use the regexp from the FAQ:

pmatch[4].rm_so is -1 while parsing??? Aborting.

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