WordPress Permalinks via Reverse Proxy

I’ve been having some problems with WordPress and Reverse Proxy, but it seems like most problems are quite easy to fix (check Howto/Wordpress if you’re interested). There is however one problem which I can’t seem to figure out. When enabling Permalinks in WordPress, several things seems to go wrong.

First, the .htaccess file is created with wrong URLs and wrong permissions, but after fixing that, it still doesn’t work. It seems like WordPress can’t interpret the URLs when changing the .htaccess file or something. I’ve now started a topic on WordPress support forums, I hope I get some replies there. This setup seems to be quite rare however, but there are a couple of other users out there atleast. Hopefully someone else had the same problem and created a workaround until WordPress devs get around to fixing this 🙂

WordPress Support: Reverse Proxy and Permalinks

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