Procrastination (Playing with Google Maps)

So, exams tomorrow… I really need to study. But I found something else much more fun than studying! 🙂 Yesterday franki^ mentioned it would be cool with a map with the locations of Blinkenshell users. I played around with the idea for a while, and thought it would be cool to do something like The Pirate Bay did a while back with a google maps. It’s quite simple, just a Google map with a marker for each country showing the number of users from that particular country.  I also have some pretty good data from the SMS sending gateway, which has an accurate mapping to countries.

I exported the data, and with some Python magic made it into a list of entries in Javascript code with data for: country, longitude, latitude, number of users from that country, precentage of users from that country. I then used the Google Maps API to display the markers on a world map, showing number of users when you click on the markers, and with differently coloured icons for countries with few/medium/many users. Sweet! You can find the map here:

Awesome, now I have about two hours less to study for my exam tomorrow… I read this article about “Structured Procrastination” yesterday, but I think I’m doing it wrong…

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