New IP

This morning our ISP decided to change us to a new IP-range without any prior warning. Since we’re using a static IP, everything broke ofcourse (other customers in the same network use DHCP so they probably only had a very short outage). We now have a new static IP, but still working on the reverse. Most services should be back to normal, but we can’t connect to some of the bigger IRC-networks (Quakenet, IRCnet (see update) etc). Hopefully access to these networks will be fixed within the next couple of days.

Update 1 (27 April, 22:14): IRCNet is now available via again.

Update 2 (28 April, 20:04): Reverse IP is back since this morning. Quakenet trust is back since around 18 PM. FreeNode I-line should also be back.

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