Server migration

Today at 18.00 CET I’m going to attempt to migrate Blinkenshell to the new server that I’ve been working on. At 18.00, all processes will be killed and all logins will be disabled. Please exit all your running processes (screens etc) before this.

After the migration, you will be able to log in to the old server with your old password. Here you will receive a new temporary password that you can use to log in to the new server (or Also on port 2222. Use the temporary password to log in and choose a new password.

The downtime for the migration should hopefully not be more than an hour or two, but it’s a quite complicated operation so it might take longer. If it does not work out at all we might have to go back to the old server and try the migration again at a later date.

More information about the new server and changes will be published later on. Stay tuned.

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