Migration progress

Ok, so all user accounts was migrated yesterday. There was some problems with the temporary passwords for some users. If your temp password does not work, contact me on IRC or via email and I’ll generate a new one.

There was also a problem where users could not chmod public_html to enable their websites. This should be fixed now.

Another problem that I’ve heard a lot about is “ERROR Closing Link: user[free.blinkenshell.org] (Too many connections from your IP)” when connecting to BlinkenIRC. This is because mimas does not have a trust for connections from Triton. Instead, you should use the new local IRCd; connect to sao or sao.blinkenshell.local instead of mimas and everything will work as usual.

Random bits and pieces: IPv6 is not enabled yet. Some IRC networks has not updated their trusts yet, we’re still waiting for freenode. If you want to connect to IRCnet, please try irc.swipnet.se. Bitlbee should be working now. The sv_SE locale does not exist anymore, please use en_US.UTF8 (you can change that in your ~/.profile file).

Webmail is available at https://webmail.blinkenshell.org/

Signups are still disabled, and Blinkenbot is still offline. I’ll start working on that tomorrow.

If you have any other problems ask in the IRC channel or email me at independence at blinkenlights.se.

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