Maintenance done

The server maintenance is now done. It was delayed a bit, and also took a bit longer to complete than I expected. But Triton is up since about 15.00 CET. Mail and web was up about half an hour earlier.

I’ve upgraded some software on the server, mostly system programs and the kernel. Some user programs like weechat (now at version 0.3.3) has also been upgraded. Bitlbee is also upgraded and should now have support for twitter.

I’ve also introduced a new limit on memory usage for each user based on the new cgroup feature in Linux. A user can not use more than 32MB RSS memory for all processes. Memory can still be shared, so if you’re just using some standard programs you probably won’t use very much RSS memory. This should make the resource sharing a bit more fair, since a single user can not use up all memory. Compiling programs etc might become an issue though, but there are things you can do about that. You can show your current memory usage with the command: showmem

Please contact me if you’re still experiencing problems.

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  1. dabeowulf says:

    Thanks for giving me ideas what to toy with, you are a damn fine admin! 🙂

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