US SSH Server (beta)

There is now another SSH server connected to Blinkenshell, using the same account/password database: The new server is located in California, USA. The idea is that users in the America/Australia will have lower latency to the server which should make SSH more responsive. It could also be used to offload the main server, and provide some backup-service if the main server is offline.

You can start using the new server right away if you want, but it’s still not fully tested. There might be some unexpected reboots or other changes. If you’re interested you’re very welcome to try it out and send me some feedback!

You can decide what server is closest to you (network-wise) by pinging and, the one with lower latency is the closest to you.

You can use the same username and password as the main SSH server, and you connect to port 2222 as usual. Because of the latency between the new server in the US and the server that hosts your home directory, you have a local home on Pallas. You can also access your normal (networked) home directory via: ~/nethome. If you want to have your current irssi settings on the new server, you can copy the settings from nethome or create a symlink to nethome: ln -s nethome/.irssi .irssi

I hope some of you find this new server useful! If it turns out that very few people are using this server I’m probably going to remove it again, but now we know it’s possible atleast 🙂

Blinkenshell SSH Servers

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