RAM Upgrade

So yeah… I ordered 32GB of RAM the other day. The main server is using a bit more than the current 8GB of RAM, so it’s using memory compression and swap and other workarounds at the moment. It’s actually working pretty well considering, but there’s no room for expansion so I finally decided to get some more RAM. Special thanks to everyone who has signed up for supporter accounts and donated! (Nerdy details: I ordered four 8GB DDR3 1333MHz ECC REG quad-rank x8-modules)

I’m going to announce a maintanance stop pretty soon. It’s probably going to be pretty long like 8 hours or so, since it’s also time to upgrade the virtual hypervisor, storage server, shell server etc. The virtual hypervisor and storage server and some parts has been running for almost 300 days without upgrading/reboot so it’s about time now. 🙂

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  1. DirtyDawg says:

    Awesome news Indepenence, 32 Gigabytes of goodness,
    300 days uptime, sounds right for a reboot/upgrade 🙂

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