Harddrive replacement downtime

I got an email this morning saying one of the drives in the raid-z array had failed, so I’m going to have to replace that drive. Unfortunately Blinkenshell does not have some cool enterprise server with hot-swap drives so this means I’ll have to take the server down.

I’m planning on taking the server down this Wednesday the 17th, the downtime is planned from 18.00 CET to 20.00 CET.

There has also been some problems with processes getting killed by the OOM-killer for no apparent reason (blinkenbot for example) the last couple of days, so I’m going to try upgrading to a newer kernel.

Update1: The server is back up, everything looks good so far!

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3 Responses to Harddrive replacement downtime

  1. Wolfgang Amadeus says:

    Thanks for running Blinkenshell for us, Independence.

  2. ghoul says:

    Many thanks

  3. rkaw says:

    I’d think pretty much all drives are “hot-swap” these days. My home server runs 3 SATA-II disks on an AHCI controller (some standard Intel, probably the same as yours) and I can plug them in or pull out of the case at any time. A “mobile rack” helps things, too – opening the machine up can be time-consuming. What issue exactly did you face with the hotplug? O.o

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