Top vouchers giveaway #2

It’s time for Blinkenshells second Top vouchers giveaway where where the three users who has vouched most new members since the last giveaway are awarded with some extras for their Blinkenshell account. Vouching is very important too keeping the community alive. I want to show my appreciation to the people who spend some time on getting to know the new users. The rewards are the same as last time, you can choose one of the following:

  • 6 months supporter account
  • Permanent +32MB memory limit
  • Permanent +100MB disk quota

The winners are:

  1. lmca (tidalwaters)
  2. dirtydawg
  3. jerd

Thank you and everyone else who vouches newcomers! The winners can contact me via IRC or email to receive their award.

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2 Responses to Top vouchers giveaway #2

  1. hput3 says:

    After purchase of supporter account I’m not able to ssh to

    No experience IRC: Not able to get an IRC client to BlinkenIRC. When asked for server I give

    Where can I find a complete detailed walk thru of how to get this going…. the blinkenshell pages have not been enough so far

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