More changes to the vouching system

I’ve evaluated the changes to the vouching system in the signup system that was made a few months back and I’m mostly happy with the changes, but as you might have guessed from the title there are a few things that I felt had to change. It seems like it’s gotten a bit too hard to pass the vouching step since we started requiring three vouches, therefore I’m going to change it back to two vouches to pass the step. I still want the community to be able to grow with new members. It should be hard to get an account, but not too hard 🙂

I’ve also changed negative vouches so they give -1 point instead of -2. Some people get very discouraged by a negative vouch, and it required a lot to get past a -2 vouch. Also it seems fair that each vouch is worth the same, negative or positive.

Lastly, you can no longer vouch users directly from IRC. You have to make an effort and log in to the signup program and actually give a short comment/reason for your vouch. This is to make sure that you actually considered the vouched before giving it.

I hope you think the changes are good, feedback is always welcome! Comment on the blog,  send an email or discuss on IRC (main chat or pm is fine)

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