Kernel upgrade

The kernel upgrade earlier today worked out pretty well, better than expected I have to say. So far things seems to be working very well. Bitlbeed now listens on (titan) instead of which was not really planned, and libfish (encryption module for irssi) now segfaults, but other than that everything seems to be as usual.

While doing maintanance I took the opportunity to grow the filesystems for /home and /var a bit, from 5 and 2 GiB respectively to 10 GiB each. LVM is pretty neat 🙂

We now have support for IPv6 on Titan, you can both SSH to Titan via IPv6 (2001:470:d258:1::12) and connect to IPv6 servers from Titan. I’m also working on getting the IRCd to be able to listen on IPv6, but no luck there yet. Both http and mail has been available via IPv6 since a while via We don’t have native IPv6 though, it’s all sent through a tunnel provided by Hurricane Electric.

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