New IRC server

Blinkenshell now has it’s own IRC server linked to our home IRC network Allshells. This server is on the same network as the shell server, so it’s much closer than to use overload’s server in the US.

If you are using IRC from the shell, you should from now on use this server: port 6667. This should result in less delays/lag, and less bandwidth usage.

If you are using irssi, you can change the address (and network name if you havn’t) in irssi’s config file: ~/.irssi/config and then reconnect (or just /disconnect and then /connect -network Allshells.) The entry in the server section in irssi’s config should look like this:

{ address = ""; chatnet = "Allshells"; port = "6667"; }

I’ve updated the systemwide irssi config in /etc/irssi.conf to use this new server.

Edit: Changed to

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