I’ve installed a new text-based IRC client called weechat (version 0.2.6) on Blinkenshell. It’s a bit similar to irssi from what I’ve heard, but supports a couple of cool new features such as horizontal split of windows (which allows for features like a neat nicklist.)

It seems to support most other features of irssi, even the more advanced stuff. You can also extend it via plugins written in perl, python (yay!), ruby and lua.

Here’s a screenshot of me running weechat-curses (the ncurses ui) at Blinkenshell: http://independence.blinkenshell.org/dump/weechat1.png

More screenshots are available at the website.

You can try it out yourself, just log in to blinkenshell and type:


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3 Responses to Weechat

  1. InDigo176 says:

    WeeChat is nice, the server configuration is much more comfortable in WeeChat compared to Irssi’s. I’d like some more options in WeeChat though.

    I’m sticking with Irssi 🙂

  2. soul says:

    I just finish making setting on it , Lemme test it and see if it’s better than irssi or not , btw is’t allowed to use script on it ?
    i’ll not do that untill i get confirmed from u.

  3. independence says:

    Use scripts in weeshat? I don’t see any problems with that, unless that particular script breaks any of the rules of Blinkenshell.

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