I’ve been working a bit on the website the last couple of days, trying to optimize the response times and changing some out of date information and so on. I do need some help traslating the page into different languages however, since I only know English and Swedish myself. I figure just translating the startpage/frontpage would be enough, atlesat to start with. People does have to read information in English sooner or later, but it’s probably nice to have atleast some basic introduction in your own language. So far, we have the frontpage in English, French (by mika56, possibly out of date) and Swedish (translated by me today). I encourage you to translate the frontpage to any other languages that you may be familiar with, just copy the contents of the frontpage to a new page named Start/<two letter language code> and start traslating!

Also, a couple of weeks ago I built an authenticaton plugin for MoinMoin (the wiki software we use) that can be used with Blinkenshell’s signup system, so it should be possible to log in to the wiki with the username and password of your signup account (if everything still works that is 🙂 )

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