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The translation work on the wiki has been going pretty well. The frontpage is now available in English, Swedish, German, French and Serbian. Thanks for helping out everyone! We could ofcourse do with even more translations 😉

Secondly, I bought some new domain names yesterday: blinkenshell.net and blinkenshell.com. There’s nothing there really, just CNAMEs and redirects to blinkenshell.org. If you accidentaly enter something like http://blinkenshell.com/ you should end up on the main webpage.

I’ve also made a small page with information about why the main server/webpage might not be reachable, it’s ofcourse hosted externally (not on the main server) and available at this URL: http://fuji.blinkenshell.org/status.shtml . I’ll try to update this whenever the server is down or unreachable so you can get some confirmation on that and maybe find out when it will be back. I do recommend that you bookmark this page since you won’t be able to surf back in here and look up the URL if the server is down or unreachable 😉

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