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I have now set up an issue tracker for Blinkenshell. This is a system for handling support issues and similar. Most support stuff is currently taken care of on IRC, and I’d like to keep it that way. It’s usually the fastest and most straight-forward way to solve minor issues. However, from time to time there appears issues which might take a while to resolve. Some bug or unexpected behaviour in some software that can not be resolved right away. In these cases it might be good with a system like this, so we can really follow up and make sure the issue was resolved. When someone reports an issue to me on IRC which I can not fix right away, I sometimes forget about it. Therefore I’d like to try out this system for a while, and see how it works out.

If you need some help with the signup, just ask on IRC. If you wish to have some software upgraded or find a bug in the signup program, report it on the issue tracker.

You can find the issue tracker here: <removed>

You need to sign up before you can add new issues. When you have signed up, you can also report new issues by sending an email to <removed> and starting the subject line with: [issue]

Update: Not in use since 5 Jan 2009, never recieved any issues via this channel.

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