Our IRC channel #blinkenshell reached 100+ nicks yesterday, and blinkenbot reports having seen more than 1900 different nicknames since it started recording statistics 336 days ago. To help prevent any issues with abuse/spam a few changes has been introduced.

Firstly, we now have three new helpops in the channel. They will help keeping things in order, and they can kick and ban people who misbehave. Please welcome the new helpops: djweezy, billnye and InDigo176!

Sencondly, blinkenbot has a new feature which lets blinkenshell members vote to kick people in the channel. You can use the command !votekick <nickname> to vote to kick someone. Three votes are required. The command only works if you are connecting from the shell server titan. Do not abuse this command, abuse will get you kick+banned from the channel!

I believe this will help stopping abuse and/or spam as the channel grows further, it’s very important that it remains a place where you can talk and have fun without being interrputed by spammers etc. Happy hacking! 🙂

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