New SSL Certificate for HTTPS

I’ve updated the SSL certificate for Blinkenshell today. Before, HTTPS was only available for webmail and phpmyadmin, but now the main wiki is also available via HTTPS. I recommend using the HTTPS version of the site if you want to log in so your password is not sent in cleartext over the Internet.

The certificate is signed by CACert as before. If you have the CACert root installed, you should be able to browse the site without any warnings about the new certificate. If you do not have CACert’s root certificate, you will get a warning that the CA is unknown or something similar. You can choose to trust the individual certificate, but I recommend installing CACert’s root certificate instead. It’s very easy: Howto: Import CACert root certificate

If you havn’t noticed already, I’ve also updated the wiki software and applied a new theme earlier this week. Also, the wiki is now only accepting signup account logins!

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