New Server Hardware Update

The parts for the new server has been delayed for a while since the motherboard was not in yet (new item from the manufacturer), but I’ve now got confirmation that the parts will ship by the end of next week. Unfortunately, I’m going to be away the entire week after that building the network at Dreamhack Winter 2009, so I’m not going to have time to start putting it together until early December sometime. I will also need some time testing the server and trying out software etc, but if everything works out alright hopefully the server will be up by the end of December. I’ll put some pictures up when I get the hardware, can’t wait! 😀

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2 Responses to New Server Hardware Update

  1. mors says:

    Just in time for Christmas?

  2. independence says:

    It will probably not be until after christmas sometime.. best case 😉

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