Server pics

I’ve got most of the parts for the new server now (only missing one cable), here are some pictures!

Server chassi
The chassi for the new server, “Fractal Define R2”.

Server inside, Supermicro X8SIE LN4
Installed the motherboard, Supermicro X8SIE-LN4 and PSU.

Server inside, installed CPU and mem
Processor (Intel Xeon 3440) and memory (4x 2GB Kingston ECC DDR3).

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5 Responses to Server pics

  1. purpler says:

    great, so how long the transition will last?

  2. ghoul says:

    I came ………………………

  3. roybot says:

    Good choice in Hardware/chassi I think. Out of curiosity: What justifies the 4GB ram? Just cheap as hell or do you think it will be needed?

  4. killer says:

    flag NSFW this please

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