If you’ve been having problems compiling programs on Triton you’ll be glad to know that there is now a new server where you can compile things with more relaxed resource/memory limits. The idea is that you can use much more memory than on Triton, but only for a short while. The server does not allow any outgoing network connections, and you can’t have any long-running or background processes. There are also more debugging tools installed, like Valgrind.

Try it out by connecting via SSH from Triton: ssh buildserver

More info on the wiki: Info/Compiling

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2 Responses to Buildserver

  1. Hi independence,
    I have problem accessing buildserver via ssh.
    Everytime I connect from triton to buildserver, it asks for a password.
    I filled the password prompt with my shell password, which is working fine with despina (mail), but I can’t get access to the buildserver.
    I tried compiling things locally, but my the compilation stucks. I’ve earned about 12000 overcommits for this trial.
    I hope you’ll fix this problem soon.


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