Top vouchers giveaway #1

I wanted to show my appreciation for the awesome Blinkenshell members who take their time to get to know newcomers and vouch for them so they so we can grow our great community, and therefore I’m arranging this little giveaway. I’ve looked up the three members who vouched the most new users during the last 6 months (I’ll exclude anyone who vouched for a users who got banned, thankfully none of the top three vouched for someone who got banned this time!)

The three most active vouchers are:

  • dirtydawg
  • indigo6
  • volkow

Thank you! You can contact me (via IRC or email) to get one of the following bonuses:

  • 6 months supporter account
  • permanent +32MB memory limit
  • permanent +100MB disk quota

I want to make this a recurring thing so there will most likely be a similar announcement during the fall. 🙂

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1 Response to Top vouchers giveaway #1

  1. jp1 says:

    *rubs eyes* is this real life?
    Really generous and extremely helpful man. I know we really appreciate helping out the internet community especially lower levels of experience to improve on their knowledge skills and abilities.

    🙂 Thanks dude

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