Planned maintanance January 10th

I’m planning on taking the system down for maintenance, Triton has an uptime of almost 200 days and it’s time for a new kernel as well as some other updates. I will also take this opportunity to upgrade/replace some hard drives in the server.

I will take down Triton/SSH, web and mail services. Since it’s some hardware replacement and upgrade of Triton (compiling stuff on Gentoo) this will probably take almost a full day. I’m planning on starting at 10.00 CET on Friday January the 10th. I’m going to try and post some updates as I’m going along on the Blinkenshell twitter account if you’re interested in following the progress/see when the services are going to be back up again.

Please make a (mental) note about this so you won’t be surprised when you can’t log in on Friday or when your screen session has been killed when you get back 🙂

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  1. hirsch says:

    Thank you for your efforts to keep the system running smooth, even for the non-paying users 🙂

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