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Happy 2013

It’s been a while since I wrote anything here, but I thought I might summarize the past year and tell you a bit about what’s been happening behind the scenes at Blinkenshell. The service is much the same, but there … Continue reading

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Mosh – Mobile Shell

If you’re a mobile SSH user, you might want to take a look at Mosh You can run mosh on Blinkenshell only if you have a supporter account (since it requires an open UDP port).

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Maintanance downtime 11 August

Tomorrow, Saturday the 11th of August, I’m going to take down all Blinkenshell services to move the physical server to a new location. I’m going to shut the server down at around 14.00 CET, and it’s probably going to be … Continue reading

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Harddrive replacement downtime

I got an email this morning saying one of the drives in the raid-z array had failed, so I’m going to have to replace that drive. Unfortunately Blinkenshell does not have some cool enterprise server with hot-swap drives so this … Continue reading

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5 Year Anniversary!

Blinkenshell turns five years old this week, the domain name was registered on the 10th of August 2006. It’s a pretty long time for a shell provider, and I think Blinkenshell is better than ever. The community is slowly and … Continue reading

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Server maintanance done

The server maintanance is now done, and it took even longer than I guessed. 10+ hours of software and hardware upgrades, and battling with software bugs. And there will probably be some issues left to resolve in the comming days. … Continue reading

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Server maintanance 7th of August

As I said in my previous post, I’m going to take down Blinkenshell to upgrade the RAM and do the regular round of software upgrades. I’m going to take the server down at around 10.00 AM CET this Sunday (August … Continue reading

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RAM Upgrade

So yeah… I ordered 32GB of RAM the other day. The main server is using a bit more than the current 8GB of RAM, so it’s using memory compression and swap and other workarounds at the moment. It’s actually working … Continue reading

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IPv6 Day

Today is the World IPv6 Day, when many parts of the Internet community will try out IPv6 on a larger scale. A lot of websites will be publishing AAAA (IPv6) DNS records for their main addresses, so users with IPv6 … Continue reading

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Downtime on Triton

I’m taking Triton down because of some issues with NFS, many processes is hanging. I’m going to be upgrading some software on Triton and other services also, so the downtime will probably be 1-2 hours. Update 14:24: Making good progress, … Continue reading

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