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Keeping up to date

I have set up synchronizations from this blog to Twitter and Facebook, so people who are not using RSS will have an easier time keeping up to date with news regarding Blinkenshell. I also print the latest blog entry in … Continue reading

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We’re currently experiencing some downtime on the main SSH server Triton. Seems to be a software bug related to NFS. I’ll update some software, so it will be a couple of minutes until we’re back up again. Update1: Triton is … Continue reading

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Please take a moment to fill out this survey about Blinkenshell (closed), to help make this an even better shell provider! You will get 100MB extra quota if you PM me a code at the end of the survey before … Continue reading

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US SSH Server (beta)

There is now another SSH server connected to Blinkenshell, using the same account/password database: The new server is located in California, USA. The idea is that users in the America/Australia will have lower latency to the server which should … Continue reading

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Server reboot

The server rebooted this morning at 09.30 CET. It was just a stupid mistake by me, nothing wrong with the server 🙂 Everything should be back up and running since 10.30 or so.

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Maintenance done

The server maintenance is now done. It was delayed a bit, and also took a bit longer to complete than I expected. But Triton is up since about 15.00 CET. Mail and web was up about half an hour earlier. … Continue reading

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Server maintenance October 2

I’m planning to take the server down for maintenance October 2, at around 12.00 13.00 CET. Edit: Maintenance done!

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Blinkenshell Stats

If you’re interested in some statistics for Blinkenshell check out this page: These graphs are generated with the excellent Munin monitoring/graphing tool. If you think there are any other graphs that might be interesting for users let me know.

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Server maintanance

As you might have noticed there was some issues with the server yesterday. The website was down most of the day, and some people had problems logging in via SSH. This was related to an issue with the fileserver. There … Continue reading

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